Slushie Maker – Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style)

Slushie Maker   Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style) slushie makerNot too long ago you could buy a Slush Puppie cold iced drink in almost every general store, fair or festival you entered as they had their own Slushie Maker. Nowadays we are forced to reminisce about the days we could do such things. Until now. The Slushie Maker let’s you create your very own cool ice drinks in all of your favourite fruity flavours.


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Lego Millennium Falcon (Mid-Scale)

What is it?
This is a double barrelled blast of nostalgia. The Lego Mid-Scale Millennium Falcon is a piece of engineering brilliance and is cool on so many levels:

1) Its STAR WARS, enough said!
2) Its made of Lego, which is receiving a nostalgic revival at the moment as man children like us buy cool Lego sets like this!
3) It looks super cool once its built and wont take you 2 years studying for an architecture degree to finish it, unlike perhaps the full-size behemoth Lego Millennium Falcon kit you can also get.

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