Twilight Tracer Flashing Golf Ball – High Visibility For Golfing In Poor Light

December 14, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Sports Gadgets 

Twilight Tracer Flashing Golf Ball   High Visibility For Golfing In Poor Light twilight tracer flashing golf ball high visibility 298x255Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden… or GOLF as it is more commonly known has had a massive gadget boom recently and we often have golfing gadgets cross the desks at GFM Towers. However, on the “hole” a lot of them don’t come up to “par”. But when some little “birdie” told us about the new Twilight Tracer Golf Ball we were sure we were “driving” towards a “hole in one”…

OK, enough of the golf puns, but in all seriousness this could be the best golfing gadget we have seen this year, perhaps even better than the Incred-A-Ball Remote Control Golf Ball.

The Twilight Tracer Ball works on simple principles and has been designed in the same fashion. Its sole purpose is so the you can find your ball when playing in poor light and anyone who plays golf will tell you, there is nothing more annoying and devastating to your score than losing a ball.

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Wii Fit Workout Accessories – Wii Remote Dumbell Weights & Balance Board Stepper

December 10, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Exercise Gadgets, Fitness Gadgets, Gaming Gadgets, Health Gadgets 

Wii Fit Workout Accessories   Wii Remote Dumbell Weights & Balance Board Stepper wii fit workout accessories weight dumbells balance board stepper 298x279Why might these Wii Fit Workout Accessories come in useful for your Nintendo Wii-focussed fitness regime? Well let’s see if this sounds familiar…

It’s just after New Year and you decide to get rid of some excess poundage and get trim for summer. You heard about the Wii Fit and decided to spend some money and shed some unwanted weight while having fun. You set it all up and followed your new fitness guru to the letter. But alas, your holiday weight just did not shift. So you packed it all away and considered going for a jog instead…

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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – A Very Loud & Bed Shaking Wake Up Call!

December 5, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Bedroom Gadgets, Sleeping Gadgets 

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock   A Very Loud & Bed Shaking Wake Up Call! sonic boom alarm clock very loud bed shaking 298x227An alarm clock that will wake up the deaf, we kid you not! The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is the loudest gadget we have ever seen boasting a 113 decibel wakeup call.

To put that into layman’s terms it is said that pain begins at 125db and this alarm clock on full tilt is louder than a power saw or a helicopter. No matter what sort of heavy sleeper you are or what hangover you are recovering from this will be sure to wake you up as fresh as a daisy – probably a better option than an iPod alarm clock dock in those kind of situations!

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Air Keyboard – Wireless Motion Control For Your Computer-HDTV Setup

December 1, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Computer Gadgets, Living Room Gadgets, Remote Control Gadgets, USB Gadgets 

Air Keyboard   Wireless Motion Control For Your Computer HDTV Setup air keyboard motion control computer 298x268What is an Air Keyboard and why do you need one for your living room? Well that’s what we thought when we first heard of it, but it does make sense as there’s been a massive trend recently of people hooking up their new HD TVs to their PCs. This has been largely due to the addition of HDMI outputs on new graphics cards and the new style mini PCs that are so compact they fit right alongside your DVD / Blu-Ray player and surround sound system.

The main problem with this kind of setup that we’ve come across at GFM HQ is that they become a lot more difficult to interact with. While you can opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse but they become a nightmare to balance on your knee and to use them properly you need your gran’s lap tray – not the coolest accessory to be seen with.

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Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder

November 29, 2010 - Written by · Filed under iPad Gadgets, Kitchen Gadgets, Office Gadgets 

Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder wallee ipad case wall mount 298x235Anyone who has owned or just seen the Apple iPad in action marvels at its media handling capabilities. Carrying your music library around with you is nothing new, but being able to stream video like the BBC iPlayer content to a portable device with such a big clear screen is really impressive.

So why might you need the Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder? Well the iPad works great for you when you’re sat on the sofa or on the train and you are holding it like a book, but what if you wanted to do something with your hands while continuing your viewing? Well, it becomes a bit of a pain as you fail to prop your iPad up against something and it sliding over at the smallest vibration.

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Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug – The Cup For Retro Gamers!

November 27, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Desk Gadgets, Drinking Gadgets, Gaming Gadgets, Office Gadgets 

Pac Man Heat Changing Mug   The Cup For Retro Gamers! pac man heat changing mugThis one’s for all you retro games lovers out there, the Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug!

Pac-Man was, and still is, a classic to this day despite being 30 years old. So much so that I’ve got a plug and play version for that old nostalgic gamer inside me. Well, it’s Miss Pac-Man and it’s the other half’s game, but still, I have a version in my house.

I may have been a few years old before I realised what Pac-Man was, but it’s games like this that got me hooked into gaming and helped me to spend/waste (however you perceive it) days of my life glued to a TV screen with a controller trying to get to the next level before I was called for dinner!

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Magic Wand Remote Control – Be A Technology Wizard With This Universal TV Zapper!

November 25, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Living Room Gadgets, Movie Gadgets, Remote Control Gadgets 

Magic Wand Remote Control   Be A Technology Wizard With This Universal TV Zapper! kymera magic wand remote control 298x251We’ve all read the books or seen the films, and of course we’d all love to be able to cast magic using a wand. Well now you can get one step closer with a Magic Wand Remote Control which is designed to look and work just like a wand a la Harry Potter.

This will be a great gift for Christmas, especially after you’ve all stuffed yourselves with food and are sat down in front of the TV for the night and can barely move. Well fear not, as with just a swish of the magic wand and you’ll be channel surfing in no time. Yes, you can use your normal remote controls or even an iPhone Universal Remote Control if you wish, but where’s the fun in that?

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Desktop Coffee Maker – Convenience For The (Lazy) Caffeine Addict!

November 21, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Desk Gadgets, Drinking Gadgets, Office Gadgets 

Desktop Coffee Maker   Convenience For The (Lazy) Caffeine Addict! desktop coffee makerThere is nothing quite like a cup of hot, steaming coffee to get you through that long night’s load of work. On those tedious evenings where your eyes are fixed to the screen and the only thing on your mind is sleep, what you need is a convenient Desktop Coffee Maker!

Many of us (including me) find that cup after cup of coffee is the only way to stop yourself from dozing off without sticking cocktail sticks in your eyes and simply hoping for the best.

But one of the major downsides to having a much-needed mug of coffee, is usually you are forced to leave your chair (which in itself is harder than it seems when you’re this tired) and go and wait for the water to boil before making the drink.

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Vuzix iWear Personal Display Glasses

November 16, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Computer Gadgets, Entertainment Gadgets, Gaming Gadgets, Movie Gadgets 

Vuzix iWear Personal Display Glasses vuzix iwear personal display glasses 298x242For years people have dreamed of proper virtual reality. There has been much debate whether or not it would really work, but never the less the Vuzix iWear Personal Display Glasses are a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to give it a go for themselves.

A pair of lightweight glasses with integrated headphones provides a magnificently immersive experience. Basically, the glasses allow you to watch not only regular movies on what seems to be a big screen, it also has 3D capability too. Unbelievable and I have absolutely no idea how it works.

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Win 5 USB Gadgets! – GFM’s First Competition Give-Away!

November 12, 2010 - Written by · Filed under Gadget Competitions 

Win 5 USB Gadgets!   GFMs First Competition Give Away! gadgets for men win 5 usb gadgets competition 1Yes, its true. We have decided to bring a bit of Christmas cheer early by giving away 5 great USB gadgets in our first ever Gadgets For Men competition give-away. We have carefully hand picked a selection of fun and practical USB powered gadgets to give away to one lucky reader.

So what USB gadgets could you be in with the chance of winning, here they are…

  1. We thought we would start with some fun in the shape of a USB Lava Lamp. Bring some bling to your computing area with this scaled down version of the retro classic.
  2. Keep your notebook working and looking cool with a USB Notebook Cooler. This is a discreet clear perspex stand for your notebook with a whisper quiet cooling fan and the built in ice blue LEDs.
  3. Keep all your battery powered gadgets alive with a USB Battery Charger. Simply plug the portable charger into your PC or laptop, chuck in your batteries and wait. Portable power rocks!
  4. As its Christmas, bring that festive feel to your work space with some USB Star Lights. Bring that Christmas cheer to any lifeless computer by simply plugging in and then draping the string of lights on something. Simples!
  5. To help power all your new gadgets we have included a 4 Port USB Hub. For the practical reason that some people don’t have a spare 4 USB ports on their computer you can use this compact gadget to help.
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