10 Excellent Examples of Recycled Gadgetry

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Instead of throwing used household items out or calling a rubbish removal service you can give a new lease of life to your gadgets. There are some cool projects that can be made from this rubbish. Instead of paying huge waste removal prices  you can make some great things by recycling gadgets. These are the top 10 gadgets made with rubbish disposal material.

  1. Circuit Board Lamps

Instead of throwing away old circuit boards you can turn them into table lamps. The circuit boards can be connected and an energy efficient bulb can be added to make this an eco-friendly lamp.

  1. Floppy Disk Notepad

Many people have some floppy disks lying around their home  . You can use the disks as an outer covering to notepads. This will help keep the paper safe and give the disks a new purpose.

  1. Keyboard jewellery

Old keyboards   from computers and typewriters often end up in the trash. Now you can use the keys to make some custom jewellery. Old sterling silver bracelets or rings can be fitted with the keys. This is something a technology fan would wear without a problem. This is the best way to reduce the clutter in your home and organise an efficient rubbish clearance process.

  1. Gaming Chair

Old gaming systems such as the playstation or the WII can be turned into cool looking chairs. The back of the chair and the seats are made from the game consoles. This is a great way to reuse the console and give the gamer a perfect chair.

  1. Record Decorations

Old vinyl records can be used for a number of different purposes. One of the coolest ways to reuse old records is to make custom wall art. You will trace a shape on the vinyl and then cut it out. This can then be hung on the walls. They are one of a kind and can be made into just about any shape.

  1. Cassette Neckties

You can have a customised tie made out of an old cassette tape. The tapes are mixed with some old fabric and a necktie is born. If a tape head is run over the cassette is will still play the audio.

  1. Computer Clock

An old computer monitor   can be turned into a clock. There screen is there. All you have to do is put in some of the electronics and they will have a working clock. This will help keep the time and provide a good conversational piece in the room. Instead of placing computer monitor in the rubbish disposal pile you can reuse it and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Laptop Sleeves

Old blankets especially those with cute themes on them can be turned onto laptop or Ipad covers. They can be made into different sizes and will help keep the device safe.

  1. Vinyl jewellery

Like the wall art old vinyl records can be turned into jewellery. They can be cut into a number of different shapes and worn as a necklace. They will allow you to have a one of a kind necklace with your own custom charms.

  1. Skateboard Clock

As children outgrow their own toys parents often throw them out. Now an old skateboard can be turned into a cool clock. The wheels, bearings, and the decks can be used to make a geometric clock.

There is no need to spend a fortune on waste clearance. Instead of organising a rubbish disposal session you can take your old items and turn them into some cool looking gadgets.