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Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder

November 29, 2010

Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder wallee ipad case wall mount 298x235Anyone who has owned or just seen the Apple iPad in action marvels at its media handling capabilities. Carrying your music library around with you is nothing new, but being able to stream video like the BBC iPlayer content to a portable device with such a big clear screen is really impressive.

So why might you need the Wallee iPad Case & Wall Mount Holder? Well the iPad works great for you when you’re sat on the sofa or on the train and you are holding it like a book, but what if you wanted to do something with your hands while continuing your viewing? Well, it becomes a bit of a pain as you fail to prop your iPad up against something and it sliding over at the smallest vibration.

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Ceramic Pint Mugs! – Have Large Office Drinks To Keep You Going!

July 27, 2010

Ceramic Pint Mugs!   Have Large Office Drinks To Keep You Going! pair of ceramic pint mugsPeople’s greed and necessity to have more than what is required never ceases to amaze me. But none the less, here it is, in true Gadgets For Men style…the Ceramic Pint Mug!

A mug that holds a pint. A pint, of coffee perhaps or a pint of tea. Don’t be expecting to sleep much if you fill it with coffee though.

These ceramic mugs are perfect for anyone who is just not satisfied with the standard mug. These ceramic mugs even have the classic pint glass indent design just to emphasise the pint status even more!

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Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker

February 15, 2010

Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker stonebake pizza ovenWhether you’re a keen cook or not, the Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker will make it so much easier and less hassle to prepare your pizza’s without sacrificing any quality. Plus if you’re in a hurry it’s perfect as the mess left is minimal so cleaning up is a breeze.

If you’re not a prize chef, then not to worry as this thing is anything but complicated. There are 2 dials which are altered to modify the settings which again are easily identifiable.

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Not A White Paper Cup, It’s A Ceramic Paper-Looking Cup!

January 23, 2010

Not A White Paper Cup, Its A Ceramic Paper Looking Cup! ceramic paper cup with silicone lidI think at some point everybody has wandered into the kitchen and thought ‘hmm, I don’t like these mugs anymore if only I had a (ceramic) Paper Cup…but one that I didn’t have to throw away’. Well maybe not but that’s exactly what this is. It even has the little sippy silicone lid that has become so iconic from take away coffee shops.

Suitable for dishwashers and totally renewable its good for environment as well as being useful. The silicon lid conceals the heat so you’re cuppa doesn’t go cold in a matter of minutes. It is a simple, plain, white porcelain mug that looks identical to a paper cup. What a quirky, but novel idea!

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Voodoo Knife Block (UK)

January 20, 2010

Voodoo Knife Block (UK) voodoo knife block chromeIf you’ve arrived here at Gadgets For Men (GFM) looking for the Voodoo Knife Block then you’ll probably want to know that we’ve now removed our original blog post in which we wrote about the modern-art style design of storing a set of kitchen knives in the style of pins in a voodoo doll.

As much as we enjoy being blokes and ‘one of the boys’ here on Gadgets For Men, we’re also family guys and after hearing the news story in which this Voodoo Knife Block was on display in a shop window where it could be viewed by young children, we felt it would be wrong to be actively promoting this item here on this site anymore.

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Peanut Butter Maker

January 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Maker peanut butter makerFor those of you who enjoy a good peanut butter sandwich, look no further than the Peanut Butter Maker. The extremely imaginatively named device uses only peanuts, no added oils, fats etc. needed, only nuts to create perfect warm peanut butter every time.

There are two different options which really don’t take a lot of working out. A small dial will direct you to whether you would like chunky, or smooth peanut butter depending on how you like it.

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Chain Wine Bottle Holder

January 8, 2010

Chain Wine Bottle Holder chain wine bottle holderOk so this Chain Wine Bottle Holder may seem kind of a pointless gadget…apart from the fact it will probably amaze everyone who sees it…at least for a short time until they decide to take the wine and have a drink.

Basically, the seemingly average nickel plated chain holds any bottle of wine aloft as if by magic. Looking at the images I’m still not sure I fully understand how this thing works, but apparently it does.

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Slushie Maker – Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style)

January 4, 2010

Slushie Maker   Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style) slushie makerNot too long ago you could buy a Slush Puppie cold iced drink in almost every general store, fair or festival you entered as they had their own Slushie Maker. Nowadays we are forced to reminisce about the days we could do such things. Until now. The Slushie Maker let’s you create your very own cool ice drinks in all of your favourite fruity flavours.

It’s absolutely idiot proof. You can put any type of drink in there even tea or coffee, but I recommend you stick to fruit juice. Just pack the machine with ice and add a pinch of salt (I am assured that you can’t taste it) as well as a splash of liquid; switch it on and boom you have a Slushie drink.

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Rubik’s Cube Salt And Pepper Shakers

April 28, 2009

Rubik’s Cube Salt And Pepper Shakers rubiks cube salt pepper shakerWhat is it?
This is the best novelty salt and pepper shakers we have ever seen (not that we spend hours looking for them though).

Based on the eighties classic icon, the Rubik’s Cube, this pair of table condiments will make anyone over the age of 15 smile. Measuring in at 5.7 cm2 they are the same size as the original making them not imposing enough to be impractical. The stylish plastic outer casing houses a durable ceramic grinder like in most mills.

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Garlic Zoom Kitchen Cutter/Chopper

April 12, 2009

Garlic Zoom Kitchen Cutter/Chopper garlic zoom kitchen gadgetWhat is it?
The Garlic Zoom is as you can probably guess, a new kitchen gadget that allows you to chop garlic with ease.  You simply pop the cloves of garlic required into the little bladed contraption then push it along your work surface.

The wheels drive the internal blades that slice and dice the little stinking cloves.  Simply tap the garlic out when it has reached your required consistency and add it to your chosen cuisine.

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