Drumstick Pencils

Drumstick Pencils drumstick pencilsWhat is it?
These inventive and highly advanced drumstick pencils actually allows any human being to gain the ability to fly. Obviously it does not. These are two pencils that have been designed to look like drum sticks. This percussion stationary measures in at a lengthy 22.5 cm and are made from, surprise surprise, wood and graphite.

You would think that would be all we could say about pencils shaped like drumsticks, however, there are some restrictions stated by the manufacturers that we are duty bound to take you through:

1) There is no drum kit included with the Drumstick Pencils… ???

2) Not suitable for use as actual drum sticks…If you do play the drums and you were contemplating buying these instead of a new pair of actual drum sticks then you probably should sell your drum kit and buy a kazoo.

Why do I want it?
The perfect present for any aspiring drummer these drumstick pencils do exactly what they say on the packaging. Shaped like drumsticks with a pencil at one end you can tap out a beat between paragraphs. Its also the perfect office gift as they tick the three essential office gift criteria. One, they are funny. Two, they have an actual office use and Three, most importantly, they are cheap!

For under a fiver the Drumstick Pencils could be winging there way to you ready for a desk top thrash.