Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker

Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker stonebake pizza ovenWhether you’re a keen cook or not, the Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker will make it so much easier and less hassle to prepare your pizza’s without sacrificing any quality. Plus if you’re in a hurry it’s perfect as the mess left is minimal so cleaning up is a breeze.

If you’re not a prize chef, then not to worry as this thing is anything but complicated. There are 2 dials which are altered to modify the settings which again are easily identifiable.

The grill features a spinning stone element, which apparently creates an authentic taste for your pizza. Personally I wouldn’t know but it’s likely this is a good thing! It also features a clear pane so you can monitor the progress of your pizza which is useful as it means you don’t have to open the lid and let the sizzling heat escape. Whilst keeping in all that heat, it doesn’t hold back with releasing the mouth watering smell of fresh pizza.

Not only can the pizza oven create delicious pizzas. It also features a deep dish for cooking other wonders such as omelettes, quiches, croissants and pasties. It’s an all round brilliant device which can make your life so much easier when it comes to preparing perfect food.

This Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker is powered from the mains and provides massive power for massive temperatures to create your pizza in just minutes. It really is perfect for pizza lovers who take their pizza preparation very seriously.


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  1. Zath’s Technology & Gadget Roundup (01/03/2010) on March 1st, 2010 1:09 pm

    [...] Electric Stonebake Pizza Oven / Maker – now I’m a big fan of pizzas, especially those really authentic ones that you’d find in the good restaurants that use a stonebake oven. Well now you can experience the same with your own pizzas at home with this easy to use (and clean) pizza oven. [...]

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