Ice Cream Ball – Make Your Own Delicious Dessert!

Ice Cream Ball   Make Your Own Delicious Dessert! ice cream ballWhat is it?
You won’t Adam and Eve it. Its only a bloomin ball that makes ice cream. Mental note to self, turn Eastenders off before starting a review. So without the southern twang, the Ice Cream Ball is an innovative way of turning cream and sugar into your very own, Ben and Jerry’s beating, ice cream. What makes this little kitchen gadget even better is that it does all this without the need to plug it in.

Through some very clever science (Thermo Dynamics) you can make plain old frozen H20 cold enough to make ice cream. You do this by opening one end of the ball and pouring in ice. Once the ball is nearly full you tip in ½ a cup of salt. Apparently this is the secret science bit that makes the Ice Cream Ball possible. You then flip the ball over and open the other end. This reveals a metal cylinder that is separate from the salty ice. Fill this with your chosen ingredients and you are ready to roll, literally.

Replace the top of the cylinder and get dribbling and passing. As you move the ball around the ingredients come into contact with the edge of the super cooled cylinder, chilling them to -10 degrees and mixing them into lovely soft scoop ice cream. The process takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on your ingredient choice and the Ice Cream Ball comes with a full recipe sheet just in case you’re an ice cream making novice.

Why do I want it?
If you like ice cream, balls, and making your own food? then this “cool” gadget could be just what you are looking for. Perfect to use with friends or family as it is simple and fun to make. The major bonus we see with the Ice Cream Ball is that you get to work off some calories in the mixing of the ice cream, making eating your delicious spoils that little bit sweeter.

This can be done by rolling the ball between a group, at skittles or lightly passing the ball by foot. There are however certain sporting activities we would not recommend you try with the Ice Cream Ball (E.g, basket ball, golf and full contact rugby).

So if you fancy making you own special flavoured ice cream or just fancy gorging on some creamy home made vanilla then “roll” on up and get your Ice Cream Ball today.


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