Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool

Kelvin.23 Multi Tool kelvin 23 toolWhat is it?
The very informatively titled Kelvin.23 is actually a pocket sized multi tool. “Nothing new, the Swiss and Leatherman have been doing this for year” we thought, but we looked a little closer. To start it has a flip out, magnetised screwdriver arm with 16 essential CRV screw bits.

Along side this it has a 2m/6ft tape measure, hammer surface (used for hammering stuff), spirit level and a Death Ray!… ok, maybe we embellished the last one but it does have an LED torch that looks a little death ray’ish.  All this when it weighs in at a slight 300g and measures a pocket pleasing 13.5x4x5cm is quite impressive.

Why do I want it?
Although multi tools are ten to the penny nowadays this Kelvin.23 does stand out from the crowd with its practicality. For example, the screw drive flicks out and locks in place, thus avoiding those painful finger trapping snap backs.  It also locks out at 90 degrees enabling you to get a better purchase on the screw. The shaft of the screwdriver also conceals some powerful alloy magnets making losing loose screws a thing of the past. Three simple design features that make all the difference.

Another good design example is the LED torch. It has not been fitted where there was a bit of spare room, it has been designed to shine the light where you are working and is easily operated.  All these simple functional ideas is what makes this Kelvin unit special.

It also does not directly compete with the other big names on the market because of the types of tools built in. This makes the Kelvin.23 Multi-Tool more of a pocket sized toolbox that can be taken anywhere and used practically. Perfect for the DIY shy or as a backup for the professional constructor.