Lego Millennium Falcon (Mid-Scale)

What is it?
This is a double barrelled blast of nostalgia. The Lego Mid-Scale Millennium Falcon is a piece of engineering brilliance and is cool on so many levels:

1) Its STAR WARS, enough said!
2) Its made of Lego, which is receiving a nostalgic revival at the moment as man children like us buy cool Lego sets like this!
3) It looks super cool once its built and wont take you 2 years studying for an architecture degree to finish it, unlike perhaps the full-size behemoth Lego Millennium Falcon kit you can also get.

The kit itself has 356 pieces and the model (once constructed) measures in at a pleasing 23.5cm long, by 17cm wide and 8cm tall. Unfortunately it does not come with any miniature figures but it does come with its own fully working warp drive that will let you make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs! (one for the SW fans)

Why do I want it?
We want it because we are all children hiding in grown up bodies. We also like the idea that Lego are selling it as a “special-addition” meaning it could be worth a pretty penny in years to come, but mainly because we are kids. So, don’t be put off because the box says “for ages 7 – 14”.

Treat yourself to the Lego Mid-Scale Millennium Falcon and regress to when life was a simpler affair, back when you biggest worry was not missing an episode of transformers. Buy it and re live that childhood you squandered by constructing the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy (another one for the fans).

Lego Millennium Falcon (Mid Scale) lego millennium falcon mid scale