Nerf N-Strike Wii Blaster

Nerf N Strike Wii Blaster nerf switch shot ex 3What is it?
If you know Nerf then you will know that they are the source of endless foam dart fun. This new Nerf product is a “pull pin to cock, pull trigger to shoot” foam dart pistol.

This is the Nerf N-Strike Wii Blaster, it comes with 3 darts and a useful instruction book that tells you not to shoot your weapon at someone face (made us laugh). It also has a second, slightly more useful use. You can remove the barrel of the gun and replace it with a Wii remote allowing you to use it with you Nintendo Wii.

Why do I want it?
We love multi purpose gadgets and this little fire arm is no exception. You may be expecting that because it has two purposes it is trying to be a jack of all trades and master of none, but you would be wrong. In its fully assembled foam dart firing mode, the EX-3 (that’s its proper name) is surprisingly satisfying to use and the strength of its shot is quite surprising (see video bellow), especially to your ambushed victims.

In its Wii shooter form, the Nerf N-Strike Wii Blaster is also pleasing to use as the trigger is allocated to the bottom “fire” button on the Wii Remote. This means you simply swap your remote in place of the barrel, leaving all the top buttons still open and usable, then blast away to your hearts content. Measuring in at 28x23x6.5 cm it is just oversized enough to remain practical and imposing enough to make you feel like dirty Harry. WARNING this may lead to lots of standing in front of the mirror asking yourself if you feel lucky then calling yourself “punk”.