Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug – The Cup For Retro Gamers!

Pac Man Heat Changing Mug   The Cup For Retro Gamers! pac man heat changing mugThis one’s for all you retro games lovers out there, the Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug!

Pac-Man was, and still is, a classic to this day despite being 30 years old. So much so that I’ve got a plug and play version for that old nostalgic gamer inside me. Well, it’s Miss Pac-Man and it’s the other half’s game, but still, I have a version in my house.

I may have been a few years old before I realised what Pac-Man was, but it’s games like this that got me hooked into gaming and helped me to spend/waste (however you perceive it) days of my life glued to a TV screen with a controller trying to get to the next level before I was called for dinner!

Well if you have that old nostalgic feeling for the classics and for one of the top video game characters, then this little stocking filler should be on every gamers list.

The mug has a Pac-Man maze pasted all over it and all you have to do is fill it with your favourite tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or maybe go a little festive with some mulled wine, and watch as the pellets and ghosts appear before your very eyes – in a similar way to how the Hot-Cold Mug does, but this is perhaps appreciated more by a gamer.

So release your inner geek or that special gaming geek you know and buy the Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug and be assured of happiness…or at least retro gaming geekdom, great to use at home, perhaps even better at work to brighten up the office desk!