Slushie Maker – Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style)

Slushie Maker   Cool Ice Drinks! (Retro Style) slushie makerNot too long ago you could buy a Slush Puppie cold iced drink in almost every general store, fair or festival you entered as they had their own Slushie Maker. Nowadays we are forced to reminisce about the days we could do such things. Until now. The Slushie Maker let’s you create your very own cool ice drinks in all of your favourite fruity flavours.


It’s absolutely idiot proof. You can put any type of drink in there even tea or coffee, but I recommend you stick to fruit juice. Just pack the machine with ice and add a pinch of salt (I am assured that you can’t taste it) as well as a splash of liquid; switch it on and boom you have a Slushie drink.

This can be used for any occasion really. It’s a great way to cool you down in the ever sweltering British summer, or you can leave it out at parties and your guests can help themselves to frozen, ice cold cocktail drinks etc. It will go down a treat I’m sure. Something different anyway until you break out the Ice Cream Ball maker!

The container is fairly sizeable so can produce a great amount of slushie ice drinks for the entire family in one go. The possibilities are endless and you can experiment for hours if you really are that fascinated by Slush Puppie-style ice drinks. The machine actually looks pretty cool too, the Slushie Maker has a very retro look to it so it will fit in nicely when the conversation turns to harping back to the good ol’ days.