Spy Camera Sunglasses

Spy Camera Sunglasses spy sun glassesIf you know GFM you will know that we love spy gadgets that have practical uses. Yep we actually love them and these funky looking spy camera sun glasses are no exception. Hold up! A practical use for spy camera sunglasses? Honestly? Bear with us and all will be explained.

So lets start with the basics. They are essentially a pair of smart looking shades with 1GB of memory and a 1.3 mega-pixel covert camera built in. Our first thoughts were along the lines of; “How the hell are you going to be able to hide a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and all the rest of the electronics involved ‘covertly?

The glasses will be much bigger than usual and any numpty will easily be able to tell something is up!” – Yes, the arms of the shades are slightly oversized but not to the extent we were expecting.

They also have ear phones attached to each arm as the memory can act as an mp3 player. This is nothing new as Oakley did it years ago and music playing sunglasses are becoming ever more popular. And this is where the genius lies. When someone sees the larger than usual arms they may suspect something, but when they realise it is an mp3 player nearly all suspicion goes out of the window. The camera itself is surprisingly small and cleverly placed on the front right arm of the glasses.

In our opinion, if someone was to see the camera, they would have to have be stood that close you could have told them what they had for lunch by the remnants of it between their teeth. To take a photo you simply click a button, but not on the glasses (that would be hardly subtle).

The shades are supplied with a tiny RF remote that can easily be concealed about your person so you can snap away without anyone suspecting a thing. Because the camera captures photos in a 1280×1024 resolution you can store 10,000 pics on the 1GB of memory. That’s more photos stealthily taken on a pair of glasses than the average person takes in their entire life. We love it.

So we are back to the original claim of showing the spy camera sunglasses actually have a practical use. The first person to point one of these out was a friend of GFM who asked where he could get a pair to go cycling with. He said the mp3 player would hold enough tracks for a “mountain session” and the camera would be a nice addition to take photos of the views (we laughed and called him a girl).

You could also use these if your line of work requires, or is made easier by taking a lot of photos of whatever you are viewing e.g, private security, traffic wardens, doormen, government spys, stalkers etc… point proved? you decide.

In short: A pair of cool glasses with practical and/or covert uses.

Source – Wireless Spy Camera