Walkie Talkie Watches

What are They?
It doesn’t take a genius to work out what Walkie Talkie Watches could be. Yes. you guessed it…. Its two watches that double up as walkie talkies. Granted, the first thing we thought was “a walkie talkie in a watch! That’ll be poo, as it will have no range, eat batteries, have no functions and be seriously fiddly/difficult to use”. So naturally we had to have a closer look.

At first glance we were surprised by the size. They are oversized, compared to a Casio watch, but not as much as you might think. The face of the “watch” only measures in at 7 x 6 x 2.5cm and when you consider that the aerial can be folded in and out when needed it is surprisingly small. The next thing we noticed was that they come with an AC adapter and earpiece each. So the AC adapter means no replacing batteries and no wind-up walkie talkies, Bonus! And the AC adapter means no batteries necessary, double bonus!

A big grey power button brings the wrist pleaser to life and shows you the time on the large backlit screen. Now this is where the watch really starts to show its true colours. It comes with 22 channels, each with its own sub-channels, meaning you would have to be seriously unlucky to cross connections with a stranger. Once the aerial is flicked out and you have used the built in channel scan to find its counterpart, you can start to talk to each other.

There is no messy pressing of buttons to speak and calling everyone “Charlie, over” as the units are voice activated! It even has an incoming call alert to tell you that the other person wants to chat to you and the earpieces have a built in PTT button. This makes them seriously easy to use and while out and about they become almost instinctively simple.

These are all very good points but they are not our favourite. Our biggest pre concern about the walkie talkie watches was that the range was going to be about as far as you could see, in the dark, when drunk. How wrong could we have been? The main trick that these gadgets possess is that they have a range of 5km! That’s further than I can see in the day, sober, and with some really good glasses. We have learnt our lesson not to pre-judge a book by its proverbial cover…

Why do want it?
If the idea of walkie talkie watches with a 5km range does not interest you then this probably is not the website for you. We did not have to think hard to see a number of possible applications that these little gadgets could help with. This could range from the most obvious uses, like outdoor activities with friends (hiking, mountain biking, paint balling) to the more social or quirky (stay in contact with a friend at work/school, communicate between cars on a road trip, keep in contact with a co-worker while on a job) these brilliant watches could really make life easier.

Our favourite thoughts were of organising calculated battle manoeuvres while out paintballing. Keeping in close communication with the rest of your army could lead to perfectly timed attacks on your unsuspecting victims. TAKE NO PRISONERS! Fancy something for serene? Another helpful use was brought up by a member of the team who loves biking. Thanks to the earpiece and wrist mounted position it would be easy to communicate with other members of your party while on the road and would allow you to pass on words of encouragement or, most probably, abuse.

The final surprise is the price! We could not believe that such great bits for gadget tech were going for so little. Check out the Walkie Talkie Watches price tag today and be as pleasantly surprised as we were. If we did not sell it to you please watch the video below and let a random American shopping channel sell it to you in their typical fashion…