Zero Gravity Micro Remote Control Car – Drive Up Walls!

Zero Gravity Micro Remote Control Car   Drive Up Walls! zero gravity remote control car 298x298Now and again manufacturers have a genius stroke and produce something completely useless but utterly brilliant at the same time. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Zero Gravity Micro RC Car

Yes it is a child’s toy and yes I know how old I am but I don’t care, I want one and will stomp my feet and cry till someone buys me one!!

After seeing this thing in action on a web cast I got real excited and reverted back to being 12.

It is basically a 12 x 6 x 3.5cm, 1:43 scale, remote control car. It goes forward and backwards, has fully functioning headlights and tail lights, climbs walls, drives across ceilings and comes in sport red. Yes that is correct, sporty red!! But seriously, the tiny RC car can drive across walls and ceilings. It has a tiny built in motor that sucks it to flat surfaces allowing you to astonish onlookers as your tear across the ceilings dodging light fittings.

It’s not all madness. It comes with a light weight infra-red remote that the car charges directly from. Each full charge will give you approximately ten minutes “driving” time and when the charge is getting low the headlights begin to flash allowing you time to remove from wall/ceiling and avoiding any embarrassing car falling injuries.

By my theory this little beauty of a zero gravity micro RC car will pay for itself (or at least a few beers) as you bet friends you can drive through crowded pubs without anyone standing on your little flashing car.

IN SHORT: Child’s toy that will win you free beer and confuse the crap out of stoners.


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